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Debbie's Leaf Dress

Debbie's Leaf Dress

Debbie's Leaf Dress by pollyconway featuring Cookoorikoo

Of all the dresses in film history, Debbie Reynolds' leaf dress from Singin' in the Rain has to be my favorite. I was reminded of this last weekend when we got to see the film for a mere $5 at Oakland's opulent Art Deco palace, the Paramount Theater. 

I also think it would look really great on me (Debbie, like her daughter Carrie Fisher and moi, is 5'2" and prone to roundness). Until I get a million dollars to buy it away from the collector who owns the real deal (it's totally still around and wearable!), here's a little collage of treats you can find to recreate the look. 

Pic from Theatrical Historical Society on Flickr
It's a wonderful thing they do, the Paramount, letting a bunch of clowns like me, families, and regular old folks have the run of the theater for one night per month, and I've vowed to get there more often. Here's the schedule if you want in!


Life is a banquet!

auntie mame!

auntie mame! by pollyconway featuring high heels

I love playing with Polyvore! I was watching Auntie Mame today, as it is truly a film for all seasons, and got inspired to make a little collage. That's all. 

painting by Gerry Caban
 Here's a really cute painting of Rosalind Russell as well. Live! Live! Live!



pollyannacowgirl summer things

pollyannacowgirl summer things

The lovely Meg Allan Cole of Threadbanger and CRAFT fame just posted her summer beauty list, and I got inspired! I also forgot how much fun it is to make collages on Polyvore. I like to look natural and casual in the summer, but I also love beauty products! Here's what I've got going on this summer. From top left:

  • Garnier BB Cream is truly miraculous. I am lazy with a capital L, so when I first heard about BB creams, which are supposed to do it all for your face, I ran down to Sephora and got samples of the most expensive ones (Dr. Jart, Clinique, etc). I was all excited, but they made my face cakey, George Hamilton-y, and somehow greasy and powdery simultaneously. Then I heard that Garnier, which is your standard drugstore brand, was blowing all the other BB creams out of the water. It's great! It's actually improved my skin quality just like the box says. Smaller pores, general even skin tone. Cons: Smells like 20 grandma perfumes mixed together in a witch's cauldron, not a lot of coverage for extreme adult acne explosions. Still, the benefits outweigh the problems and it's perfect for everyday wear in the summer.

  • My skin decided to do like 10 years worth of aging recently. It's not terrible, but years of no sunscreen and low tank tops took a toll on my youthful decolletage and let's just say things have changed. Oops! I wanted to see if I could reverse the leathery situation on my chest at least a little bit. I read mixed reviews of this Bio-Oil stuff, and thought I'd give it a try. It stinks like the dickens (if the dickens smells like baby powder and motor oil) but I feel good about the results. I also use it on my face at night and things seem to have mellowed out a little bit. The jury's still out on this stuff, but it's cheap and I really want it to work.
  • Sephora brand liquid eyeliners are the best. I use purple as a default because it's supposed to make green eyes pop, but I also have bright blue and gold. Used in conjunction with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, they will not come off until you want them to. A cat eye with a little hot-pink blush and natural lip is how I usually roll on a summer day.
I refuse to resort to this, whatever it is!
  •  Gap Boyfriend Shorts. If you have nice big thighs like me, you may be able to commiserate when I say that ALL SHORTS RIDE UP ALL THE TIME. Unless they are jams or total booty shorts, shorts just won't stay put on my legs. Except for these. I have them in mint green. They make me very happy. 
  • I don't wear perfume, but if I did, I would wear Fresh's Strawberry Flowers. It has nothing to do with strawberries or flowers, but has the most pleasant, summery citrus smell. I also like their Hesperides scent, but it's got like one too many things going on. Strawberry Flowers is nice and simple.
  • I'm allowed to get one MAC product per year. I went in to the shop this week thinking I'd get something Nicki Minaj-pink and wild, or one of those clowny corals, but the girl sold me on Galaxy Rose, which is a really flattering, normal shade that just plain looks pretty. MAC products actually smell good (minty/vanilla mix) and I find that they last forever.
So that's it! Do you have any summer favorites, or new products you're super into? 


Swedish Hasbeens

It's long been known that Swedish Hasbeens are the greatest shoes of this century. But their Spring 2011 collection is brutally amazing! And, of course, pure torture. Thanks to Crystal and Lauren for making me aware of this new chapter of desire in my life.

I wouldn't be able to handle having such expensive shoes (they run between $200-400ish), but man, these are some excellent shoes. I think I like the red best, but I would settle for green. You?



I accidentally ended up on the 11th floor of the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel a few weeks ago. Sounds exciting, right? Well, not really. I was there to meet my mom and her friends, who were actually staying at the non-Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel, the Intercontinental. Oops. However, my mistake gave me another opportunity to see the famous San Francisco Twins, Vivian and Marian Brown, on their way home for the night.

I was surprised to find out that there really isn't very much information out there about these two, except that they're twins, they dress alike, and live together on Nob Hill. Well, duh! I want the dirt, I always want more, more, more information. But in my extensive research (which, of course, involved the complex process of Googling "san francisco twins") I found that they seem to be plain ol' folks who are just a little bit crazy (no big surprise there). I think the reason that there aren't any epic articles or interviews about them is because they are strange and simple people who seem really happy doing what they do, meeting people, getting attention, and going about their business.

Here's an excited drunk lady interviewing the Browns. I love it!


Fashion Gingerbread from Pattern People

I don't know much about fashion, but I know that I love exquisitely decorated gingerbread people. Lots more cookie models at Pattern People. This guy looks like a picture from my junior high yearbook, circa 1991. Down to the slicked-back hair and giant sleeves with scrawn arms! Seriously.


Remote-control cars: new hipster pastime? These people are remarkably blase about it, much like my brother always was after the inital thrill had worn off on Christmas morning.



How can I make this elbow-bumping move a new fad? Also, I need all the clothes in this video.


I'm pretty obsessed with the outfit on the right. That's all. I snaked this from a new favorite fashion blog, Adventures After Hours.



I've been wearing the occasional suit jacket to work for the past few years. I still don't feel quite right in them; but I kind of love a really well-fitting blazer. These teddy girls have it right; so why do I always end up looking like Angela from Who's the Boss?


Mrs. Muir: Fashion Icon?

I'm kind of obsessed with The Ghost and Mrs. Muir right now. It is the perfect mid-October movie! I'm a firm believer that certain movies should be watched during certain months.

Seasonal viewing--it's like seasonal eating; natural and good for you. Withnail and I is a January for sure, Amelie in March, and of course, I pack December with the zillions of holiday-themed movies that just feel weird any other time of the year.

I also like wearing seasonal clothes and colors, but you knew that already. Here's an incredible autumny haircomb from Etsy seller The Honeycomb--I love all these new hair fashions that totally work on short-haired peoples.

Apparently my new office is directly across from the Easy Spirit flagship store, which looks just like all the other Easy Spirit stores. Easy Spirits have a bad rep for being hideous comfort shoes (remember that commercial with all the businesswomen playing basketball in their high heels?), but they seem to be improving.

I've been coveting a pair of fall oxfords for a while, and after searching high and low for the perfect ones, I discovered they were right in front of me the whole time at Easy Spirit.
I think these are just the shoes Mrs. Muir might have worn while walking the beach, don't you? More Mrs. Muir fashions coming tomorrow!


Hello--More Yellow!

The Born Begonia Sandal is truly the greatest shoe I have ever owned. Not only do I get compliments every single time I wear these shoes, but they are incredibly comfortable, especially for a flip-flop. (Yes, I know flip-flops are bad for your feet, but these are special! Seriously.)

I wore these to Disneyland last year and was on my feet for 13 hours. I hardly felt a thing at the end of the night. A year later, they still look new and I wear them constantly. A little expensive, but so much better than the over-rated Danskos (which I always find myself tripping in, not to mention the ungodly stench when one doesn't wear socks) in terms of style and comfort. Highly recommended, and, as you can see, the same genius shade of yellow that's all the rage right now. Also available in a million other colors.



I'm really into the color trends of fall 2008. They seem extra rich this year!

Here's an example from Etsy seller getfeltup of the colors I'm especially loving; teal and mustard. I also like the plum shade that seems to be everywhere, but I'll shallowly admit that it doesn't look good with my new hair.

I have yarns in both these colors and hopefully I'll get something done before they're out of style again!