Today I was at work. A customer bought an item. I put the item in a bag. It had no handles. The customer sneered and asked, "Could I have a bag with HANDLES? Something a LITTLE more convenient?" I gave said customer a bag with handles. I may have been a little loud with crumpling sounds when retrieving said bag. I said, "Is this okay?" The customer left the store. Upon leaving, she looked back at me and shook her head disgustedly. Then she attempted to complain to the manager about my rude behavior.
I have been absolved of any crime by my co-worker, who witnessed the scene, but here's the thing: I WAS being a bitch! I DID mean to crumple the bag loudly, and I DID have attitude! This woman must have had x-ray bitch vision or something. She knew. Boy, did she know.

Bottom line: Is it really that difficult to carry a bag without handles? People carry things without handles all the time; books, food, jackets, sodas, animals. You just put the thing in your hand and move on.

It's nice to look back and see that this was my biggest problem today.

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