Sometimes people really freak me out. I wonder, is being a "good person" a priority in most people's lives, or do some people just assume that they are a "good person" and not give their choices a second thought?

I guess I just don't like to think that there are "bad people" out there.

I recently witnessed a possible "bad person" treating people badly, and it really ruffled my feathers, to speak mildly.

The above sentences are a great example of why I'm not the best blogger; I refuse to give specific details about certain matters. I'd really rather not; I don't see the point in everyone knowing everything.

I love privacy. Can I maintain an interesting blog without naming names and baring my soul? We will see.

I will tell you all this, though: I am hung over and listening to Josephine Baker, and if I do not do the dishes TONIGHT, I may go mad. Every single dish I own is encrusted with ancient food residue. I live in filth, people.

These are the details I choose to share.

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