I just took a bath and listened to Steve Martin's 70's comedy albums. God bless that man. I tend to take short little baths unless bubbles are involved; I need to be distracted from my own murky filth.

I have a work anecdote I'd like to share. A woman wearing one of those collapsible straw hats and pushing her OWN little cart/bag thingy (generally not a good sign) asked me if we had a juice bar where she could get some wheatgrass. I regretfully informed her that we did not have a juice bar, but decided to go out of my way and recommend some green juices containing wheatgrass. This is when I discovered that she was balls-out crazy, as she began rambling about how we needed a juice bar, but she couldn't write a comment card, only I could, because, well, I don't know. Then we went over to the bottled juice section, where I held out two juices. We discussed their benefits for a while, and then she abruptly stated, "I need to do a muscle test. Which way is east? Okay, that way. Hand me that juice." I handed her the juice, she faced east, I handed her the other juice. "Oh, it's that one," she said, pointing to the first one.
"Oh, really? Okay!" I am ever cheerful; it especially comes in handy with situations like this. With this I left her to ponder the juice, while I myself was pondering, what the hell is a muscle test? Why did she have to face east?" Then I remembered once watching my friend's mother, who was always into...alternative ideas, lift a carton of milk and make some sort of decision about it. Of course, I consulted my trusty friend Google, and I found some interesting information. All you have to do is look up "muscle test" and you'll find some theories that might make your life a whole lot easier. Or a lot harder. Dude. Check it out.

People believe in so much crazy stuff.

Well, gotta watch Law and Order! Priorities, people, priorities.

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