Oh, for the love of Pete. Thank God I'm putting my acting career on the back burner, because I just discovered, whilst Googling myself, that there is another up-and-coming young actress with MY name! Of course, she is in England, but still...I am scandalized. After all these years of total strangers looking at my credit card and saying, "Gosh, that sounds like an actress' name!" I'm now not the only one.

Speaking of my name, I would like to mention that since I have started wearing a nametag at work, I have gotten scads of attention! At least once a day, a customer will comment on the rarity or charming quality of my name, and every once in a while, they'll ask, "Is that your real name?" Odd. But delightful, especially when it's a cute blonde boy who shyly says, "I like your name," as I hand him his change.

I'd like to thank mother, my Ganny, and her mother, for allowing all this harmless attention to come my way. My Ganny, by the way, who was also named Polly; but I was always thrilled to hear her bridge club nickname, "Gladys Happy-Bottom."

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