I just went to three different grocery stores and spent an exorbitant sum of money on Thanksgiving food. I simply can't compromise when it comes to a party!

Somebody: "Polly, why did you change your mind about grad school?"

Me: "Well, Thanksgiving 2004 really put me in the hole. I thought I should pay off those debts before I accrue new ones."

It's gonna be worth it, goddammit! I deserve the best. I also deserve a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, which I couldn't stop eyeing at Fred Meyer. Only forty-five dollars; that's a little more than half a day's work. Ah, champagne. The love affair continues.

While I was at Trader Joe's, I told some people they should try the Dubliner cheese. Iwas still in customer service mode, and that cheese is so, so good. An hour later in Fred Meyer, the guy comes up to me and thanks me for the advice; they had eaten half of it already.

Somebody give me a medal!

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