Remember how much I loved the PBS reality series "Colonial House?" Well, that was nothing compared to my feelings for the recently discovered "Regency House Party!" God, even the name is great. As you all know, I detest most reality TV; I can't handle the heightened level of conflict and the horrible things that the people do and say to each other. I don't like to see people playing games so ruthlessly, especially if the prize is supposedly the love and attention of another human being; it's just creepy. BUT, PBS reality shows are right up my alley, because there is no prize, the people treat each other humanely, and the costumes kick ass!

Old-fashioned courtship really blows my mind. Actually, all courtship really blows my mind.

I just finished with a seven-day workweek, during which I had another encounter with my favorite second-or-third-rate celeb, the inimitable David Ogden Stiers. He and I have exceptional employee-customer banter, and more importantly, share a love of sliced lunchmeats. It seems that we also share a love of young handsome gentlemen, as evidenced by Mr. Stiers' lithe blond traveling companion.

I have one month left in Portland. I am clinging to all that I love here, but soon (so soon!) I'm going to have to let go. Prepare for the onslaught of tears and drunken declarations of love...oh, wait, that's just my normal daily routine. Never mind.

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