People are going to have to keep an eye on me. I've got a lot of work to do this month, but I can't stop watching cable! Right now there's this Buster Keaton movie on; he's trying to be a collegiate sportsman to impress this beautiful girl. His high jump stick broke in half. Is it wrong that I find Buster Keaton unbearably attractive? The dialogue screen just read, "I took up athletics because the girl I love thinks I'm a weakling. I love her and would do anything to please her." Delightful.

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readyrobot said...

i told you polly: one year. that is the amount of time i will still talk to you if you stay in san luis obispo watching cable tv.
oh, i saw some dirty smelly man coming out of finnegan's stuffing a lock box into some ugly mexican bag, so tell your mom it's in good hand's.