Well, I'm back. Or, should I say, I'm gone. Whatever it means to you, I'm back in California, the idyllic land of iced tea and barefoot beachwalks.

Some questions: Can it really be sunny and 75 degrees here? Can it really be true? Did I really just eat the most authentic burrito this side of the border? Do my parents really have over 80 cable channels? Am I sleeping in a queen sized bed?

Answers: yes.

Some more questions: Did I just leave behind the most amazing group of friends anyone could ever meet? Will I be able to wear my blue stockings here? Can I guzzle a bottle of wine in my childhood bedroom while watching DVD's?

Answers: I don't know.

However, it's exciting to actually follow through with a plan for once. I decided to come here, and now I'm here. And it's so sunny. And warm. And my brother fixed my computer, and there are lots of cookies here, and it's gonna be Christmas, and, and, and...I think everything will be okay.

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