If you haven't seen "Sideways" yet, I highly recommend it. Alexander Payne's films never disappoint me, with their deeply flawed but ultimately sympathetic characters. Remember Matthew Broderick in "Election?" So good. Plus, it's all filmed on the Central Coast. I don't know if the words "San Luis Obispo" have ever been vocalized on the big screen before, but they are in this movie. I am so famous.

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some dude said...

Haven't seen Sideways but it's high on my list of things I want to see.

Have you seen Murder By Numbers with Sandra Bullock? That was filmed in SLO. You can see how they turned the (old?) city hall into the police building in the movie. And some of the shots from the apartment look like some loft above a store on Marsh or Higuera. And then the rich kid's house looks like some place out in Los Osos.