I'm actively searching for a job, as well as actively trying to watch Ghostbusters II as many times as possible in a one-month period. I'm on my third viewing right now. It's the courtroom scene where Louis is legally representing the Busters and talks about how he turned into a dog in Ghostbusters I. It's awesome! Also, the GII theme song by Bobby Brown has way more depth than the original song.

Anyway, I stopped by this hotel today; I had faxed them my resume and wanted "follow up," which basically means going in and showing how cute and responsible-looking I am. Two fancy-looking ladies with floral scarves were at the front desk. I gave them my spiel and we had a little impromptu interview. It went well, and I get to go in tomorrow and work for two hours, so they can see how I work, and also how cute I am. I asked if I should wear anything special, and the owner offhandedly said, "Oh, well, we usually like to wear sage, black, or burgundy." SAGE?! Oh my.

This job might be too fancy-pants even for me. But it can't be that snobby; it also involves folding laundry, so I'd better not wear my sage silk pantsuit. I'd better iron my burgundy pants and unpack my scarves.

Do, Re, EGON!

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ted said...

I can't believe you'ld dis Ray Parker Jr like that, but more importantly I can't believe how awesome that dressing tip is.