Remember the "pot-bellied pig as pet" fad? George Clooney had a pig that he took for walks on a leash. I don't know if he still has it. Isn't this picture great? "Lost in Translation" wasn't making this stuff up.


ted said...

there used to be this awesome still of bowie hawking (sp?) cigarette in japan... I wish google images would help me find it, but alas, I can only tell you about it... "the chaz" from sd

Erin said...

I'm wandering round the knitting rings and found your site.

I cannot believe (and yet, oh how I can) that Clooney did this advertising - and yes, it completely puts me in mind of Lost in Translation. The things people do.

ted said...

He never looked better than when he remodeled Edna's Edible into Over Our Heads.