So, I went to a meeting at the University of San Francisco yesterday afternoon. Before that, I got stuck in an unbelievable hailstorm in the middle of the city. I thought my little Civic was going to float away, and somehow water was getting into the car and sprinkling on my feet. I really should have worn socks yesterday.

The meeting was very informative, but it kind of made me feel like I'm not going to get into any graduate school, ever. We had to go around in a circle and talk about our backgrounds and why we were interested in the program. One gentleman had "written six novels, worked in publishing, and formerly practiced law." People just seemed to have it together a lot more than me. I was honest, though, claiming to be a "grocery store clerk and actor, interested in creating characters in a different way." Argh! Help!

Last night I dreamed I was on some sort of science-fiction spy team on the run from the law. Much of the action occurred in my family's guest house, which was much cooler than our real house. It was frightening and epic, and I'm glad to be awake, although I have to continue facing my real-life doubt. Oop, City Slickers is on. Gotta go.

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