My faux-Bowie evening turned into an all-day extravaganza! We started out in the afternoon, making our first stop in Solvang, which, if you don't know, is a faux-Danish town featuring lots of pretzels, bakeries, wine tasting rooms, candy shops, and yarn. I got some aqua fuzzy yarn called "Starlight Fizz." It's great. I "tasted" wine for the first time in Solvang, and then tasted a lot more of it later in Santa Barbara. Oh my god, so good. So much wine! I haven't had a marathon drinking day in ages, actually, since the day we decided to spend 12 hours at the Lutz in Portland. That was a good day. In Santa Barbara, we also hit a faux-British pub, that had a bartender named Poppet who sold us some smoky-bacon flavored chips, which tasted delicious with my Newcastle. I was having such a great day, it could have ended right there. But no, we still had to drive to Santa Ynez, for another first of mine: my first casino! Oh, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! The Chumash Casino; what a sad and desperate place, masquerading as a great time! Actually, it was a great time, because not only did I get to see a spot-on David Bowie impersonator who sang "All the Young Things" AND did the fastest costume change I've ever seen, but I won $40 on the slots! What an excellent day. I gotta go now, I need to hear what Andy Rooney has to say about advertising. His eyebrows are amazing! And I mean amazing. I think that he could comb them down over his eyes and use them as a shield from the sun.


ted said...

Wow, it sounds like you had the best faux day ever. I'm very jealous.

sue said...

polly. seriously. giant clogs, marathon wine tasting, bacon-flavored new castle, david bowie giving you $40, and you met andy rooney. you didn't have a faux day, you had a lagniappe day. now, that's something to write home about.

just a thought. should we change the name of our boutique to "lagniappe?"