Yay! I'm a paid designer! My Pollyanna Cowgirl Designs handbags are now being sold at California Blonde on Garden Street! They were so nice there, and told me how cute my bags were, and it was just what I needed; instead of feeling like all that and a bag of chips, lately I've been feeling more like a colostomy bag. But this was just the thing to lift my spirits, plus, I made some cold, hard cash for the first time in months! I am pleased.


Derek said...

I am so happy for you! Yet I am very concerned about you feeling like a colostomy bag. THAT JUST AIN'T RIGHT! Take care my dear, Derek

sue said...
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ted said...

This author wants to know why sue cancelled her comments.

I also want to know why you are only now showing us all your blossoming talents, like Sue, away from Portland?

Well, one day I will get around to making things other than for myself and I hope they are as good as your bags and Sue's hats.

sue said...

i mispelled the work colostomy. i had to erase it. i guess this shows just how anal i really am. sorry ponbot. (fyi-why didn't i think of that nickname?)
my comment goes as forth:
i am so proud of you. now you have to find a home on the world wide web for those babies. oh, and i totally agree with derek on the colostomy bag sitch...ewww!
there you go ted. now get sewing for christ's sake - giant dwarf is branching out and i need some stock. is that enough of a kick in the ass? chop chop you two.