Amazingly, this is the first time I've seen this movie! I'm watching it right now; Fred Astaire is playing drums, singing, and dancing for an angry little blond kid. I love the way the toy store looks; so colorful and filled with lots of little things; there's a dude in a suit standing behind a counter that looks like the one I once stood behind, not-so-secretly eating candy bars and trying to read "The Little Prince" in its original French. Happy Easter!


Derek said...

I just bought this film in a boxed set of musicals. I haven't watched it yet, I was saving it for Easter. I did however watch the amazing Judy Garland American Masters, that was on the second disc. I wish you were here so we could watch it together. I have seen my fair share of Judy Garland biographies but this one had me cry like a baby.
I can't wait to watch the film

Ray said...

Easter Parade is an OK movie, but if you want to see a TV Show that will Blow your Easter Bonnet away (yes, a TV Show), look for the Easter Special:The Streets of San Francisco. Staring Karl Malden and ???? airing tonight on most ABC Stations.