I was watching a show called "Weird Nature" on Animal Planet last night, and I fell in love with a wonderful creature. The lover in question is called a hagfish, pictured above. You'd think that its wrinkly, fleshy body would be enough to attract my attention, but there's more. The hagfish, when in danger, secretes a clear slime that covers its whole body! OH MY GOD! This has to be the groooooossest thing I've ever seen (side note: Ghostbusters II is on AGAIN; just thought you should know), and I loooooooooove it. You should see these guys in action. They also tie themselves in knots to make themselves harder to catch. I love learning that things like this exist, and more often than not, they seem to come from the sea. Maybe I was a marine biologist in another life. I also wanted to post a picture of these seagulls that attack their predators by projectile vomiting poison barf in their eyes, but Google just wouldn't give me anything from the requests "barfing seagulls" or "vomiting birds." Go figure. Enjoy the hagfish. I know I will.


kit said...

check out this bit of marine awesome-ness: cross-dressing cuttlefish!>

pollyanna cowgirl said...

awesome! remember when you drew me the picture of the pipa toad? that was a great picture.