In an attempt to please my small but loyal reader base, I'm posting the only picture I could find of the stars of the 70's sitcom "The Streets of San Francisco," Karl Malden and a handsome young Michael Douglas (Michael Douglas!) Look at how poofy his hair is. Did this show have a theme song? Ray?


Derek said...

How can I find this show? It looks fantastic! Keep me posted!

Sarah said...

It does have a theme song Polly. I have it on a 70's tv theme song CD. I'll play it for you next time you're over here....I think it really captures the essence of what the show must have been like.

Ray said...

I heard they were filming a new episode in San Francisco at The Park Merced Apartments. Karl Malden has passed away a few years back so they have new actors to portray them. Wow,can't you just hear the narrators voice: The Streets of San Francisco...Starring Polly Conway and Liz Federico!, Tonights episode: What happened to Kevin Faircourt?