my ideal Friday night...shameless!

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I have had the longest and busiest week; therefore, I have no shame in spending this entire evening in sweatpants, sans makeup, equipped with both candy and chips.

First, I will watch my televised French lesson on channel 19, with my beloved teacher, the charming Pierre Capretz. I started watching "French in Action" when I was in college, after I felt guilty for dropping my French class because it was too early in the morning. The best thing about French in Action is that each episode ends with a Punch and Judy style puppet show. My French lessons ended when I moved to Portland; while they didn't have FIA, they did have this awesome show that featured a old dude doing really boring algebra equations on an overhead projector.

Then I'm going to watch my new Bollywood 3-in-1 DVD that came in the mail today! I don't care how low-quality it is; three of my favorite Aamir Khan movies on one DVD is okay with me!

On another note, I'd just like to say that I hardly had a thing to drink last night; as opposed to last year when I infamously blacked out and lost my cell phone while socializing in a tree. Ah, the good old days.

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matthew said...

i remember this night, vividly!