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I made sushi on Sunday. It was easy, and turned out really well. Has anyone ever used raw fish in their homemade sushi? I've never trusted myself with cooking meat-ish items. But why should I trust some stranger in a dirty kitchen more? Oh my god, speaking of trust and dirty kitchens, I need to make public the fact that there were slugs in the ice machine at Papa Haydn, the fine dining establishment I used to work at. Big black ones! And even though I knew, I kept on filling the glasses with ice. I also dipped my finger in the whipped cream container every morning, and sometimes, went back for a second lick. Sorry, everyone.

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kit said...

we made fish sushi at the icehouse a few times thanks to liz maly - we went to anzen (i think that was what it was called), the japanese market across from the big convention center on mlk... find a good japanese market that has fish and ask them what the best / freshest stuff is, and use it that day. oh! and check this out: sushi zen!