Tick! Tick! Tick! My hike today was entirely tick-free (as far as I know) and was just beautiful. This is the San Luis weather that I remember. I also had the pleasure of using the finest outhouse on the West Coast; so clean and spacious. I love hiking; I love the protocol of total friendliness that everyone follows. It's good to be in a situation where you're expected to say hello to everyone you pass; that just doesn't happen on a crowded sidewalk in the city. My friend and I, fueled by a bottle of Prosperity Red, had a bit of an arguement regarding what constitutes "dry-humping," as opposed to "making out." I'd like to hear some opinions on this subject.


ted said...

The way I see I just don't know. I mean the mens I bag from Minnesota or whatnot, just come in to my work or whatsomeever and pull that "god I musta been drunk. I don't remember a thing."

Scientifically, I think if you are burning more than 5 calories/hr, it is no longer making out. It has become something more.

readyrobot said...

ah yes, often "dry-humping" gets lumped into the makeout category, a category in which it belongs...up to a point. as in all matters of the groin, lines are fine and delicately drawn. dry humping for all intents and purposes is sexless sex, a "going through the motions" of sorts and therefore can occur fully clothed or not. as i see it, there are three accelerating factors that can cause the leap from making out to dry humping.
1) intensity. if the activity is prolonged and, as previously mentioned, burns calories at the rate of say a sprint down the pismo pier.
2)manner of dress. if the dry humping occurs with both participants fully clothed in a manner suitable for work, the act will remain firmly under the "makeout" heading. whereas if skin on skin contact excedes ankles and wrists, particularly if participants have stripped to their skivvies, there is a good chance for a dry hump classification.
3)body fluids. the "deal breaker," if you will. exchange of body fluid supercedes all previous stipulations and can tranform fully-clothed making out at the pace of an evening stroll into dry humping.

...or something, i mean, i,uh, never really thought about it...or anything...