i'm famous! famous, i tell you!

Everyone, please check out Katherine's awesome magazine at www.400words.com , not only because I'm in it, but because it's a super-cool and well-executed project. Booyah!

*Stay tuned for my So-Cal weekend rundown, featuring actual celebrities, nudity, Asian gameshows, and last but not least, that ever-present theme of my fabulous life: dry humping.


Crystal said...

pols i cant wait any longer for the story of your crazy weekend! i need details. I cannot tell you how excited derek and I and everyone is for you to get your cute little self up here next wednesday! Party!

Derek said...

'scuse my French, but I'm Fuckin' Excited to get you under my roof where you belong, with some Pizza Oasis, Scarlatta, PJs and maybe a little Edward Everett Horton......if there's time. Git Up Here!