i'm not crazy!

Okay, so I was just sitting here in the family office room, nestled into the left corner of the couch like I always am, drinking tea and reading about classes to take in the fall. Of course, I have the television on in the background, but I'm not really watching it. A program ends, commercials flash, and a new program begins; it's a movie. As the Columbia Pictures logo appears on the screen, an idea crosses my mind, but I think, nah. Couldn't be. Here's what I thought; I thought, "Maybe Ghostbusters II is going to be on." I put this thought out of my head.

Lo and behold, seconds later I am treated to the powerful opening scene of GII. As pink slime oozes from a crack in a New York City sidewalk, I am overwhelmed with a sense of well-being.

Ghostbusters II is one of the true constants in my life; it will always be there for me when I really need it. Thank you, Ghostbusters II.

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