Okay, okay, okay, I'm sorry, I'm usually not into the pretty boys, but I was simply entranced by Jonathan Rhys Meyers' performance as Elvis in this week's high-quality miniseries. Truly, the best television Elvis ever. Not to mention Randy Quaid as the Colonel; genius casting! I was happy to see this version of Elvis' story focused on the good times, and portrayed Elvis as an innocent, unwittingly influenced by the greedy Colonel. And he just couldn't help his wandering eye, and the drugs; well, they were pushed on him! Poor, poor Elvis. A god among men; a god who really, really liked bacon.


ted said...

Jonathan had this special promo VCD or CDROM from Velvet Goldmine, and I have to say that JRM came off as the most naive hillybill ever... I don't think he'd heard of Bowie, Glam, or the 70's before making that movie.

It was awesome.

Derek said...

way back in 1996 while watching Neil Jordan's film Michael Collins at the Bijoux in Lincoln City Oregon. Crystal and myself were entranced by a young assasin in the film who made a brief appearance. We stayed and watch the credits until the name Jonathan Rhys Meyers came up, and it was at that moment that we knew we had found a star. Here is something to ponder, Jonathan's two biggest roles have been in bio-pics, portraying Elvis and Bowie-sort of, both Elvis and Bowie were born on the same day January 8, and each were RCA's biggest recording artists. Traci from lady luck salon was also born on Jan 8. Do you think it is possible Jonathan might play her in the made for TV movie of her life, or will it be my life. So many questions.

ted said...

Yes. It be called "Not without my new handbag"