Buy my stuff, suckers!

My god, the things I'll do when GII isn't on. I've spent the afternoon setting up a little online shop; I've only been unemployed for 24 hours and already I'm scheming about ways to make money. But this etsy website is great; it's like ebay with only handmade items. Very cool.



Crystal said...

Polly I freaking love your new craft buying website. It makes me want to create something for people to buy fer gods sake! Did you make anything yet with that fab yarn you got the last time I saw you here in ptown?

pollyanna cowgirl said...

crystal, i did make something with that yarn, but it was unsuccessful and i am in the process of trying to turn it into something else. hopefully it will turn out awesomely. also, i am drunk, just sang karaoke, and ate a huge hunk of steak that i found in the refrigerator. good times!