don't mess with the princess

Arrr. I'm feeling fiesty. Had a big fight with my mother in the morning, and a medium-sized fight with my brother this evening. My dad is sitting about five feet away from me, reading Consumer Reports Online. I wonder what I could fight with him about, just to complete the square. He's been pretty harmless today, so I guess I'll leave him alone. For now.

Sometimes I just get in the fighting mood. It's kind of fun, but ultimately unsatisfying. And unfortunately for them, but fortunately for everyone else, I only ever fight with my family. Unless I'm seriously mad. And then I will come after you with a very stern look on my face. And I will use my razor-sharp wit for evil instead of good.

But you know what's actually satisfying?! THE NEW HARRY POTTER! I'm halfway through, and the shit is really hitting the fan. I simply can't imagine what's going to happen. Oooh, boy, I love that angsty little wizard.

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Derek said...

I hate getting in fights! I absolutly hate loosing my temper with people, I tend to say really mean things that I instantly regret, and sometimes I say things that can cause lasting damage. I try not to loose my temper, and since I don't have anything to do (almost) with my family, it is pretty easy to control.