I spoke too soon...

I've been thinking lately that I need to write about how I never get embarassed anymore. How I'm so tough that none of those little things can make me blush, and how freeing it is to not have to deal with the silly constraints of embarassment. I could probably even deal with a birthday song sung by the staff of a chain restaurant, or getting my credit card declined for a two dollar purchase.

Or so I thought.

Tonight I experienced such extreme humiliation that I'm embarassed to think that I thought my mental powers had finally conquered any and all embarassment.

If you ever think you're hot stuff, try going to an intermediate salsa dancing class when you've never, ever salsa danced before. It'll really put you in your place.

Oh, my god. It was pure unadulterated torture, and I would like to formally apologize to the 20-odd men who had to dance with me, some of them twice.

My friend said, "Oh, don't go to the beginning class. Come to intermediate with me, it'll be easy!"

I never even got the basic steps down. Oh, the shame. I will never spend five dollars to be publicly shamed in a windowless college classroom surrounded by boozy-breathed nineteen-year-olds again. Guaranteed. I felt like Sisyphus; every time I had finally almost gotten down the steps with one guy, the teacher yelled, "Change partners!" and I had to go through the whole horrible process again!

And it was really hot, so my neck got all sweaty, and all these guys had to put their arms around my dripping, clammy neck! AND, the shirt I was wearing was giving me some remarkable body odor, and I had to lift my arms and spin around constantly!

I know that worse things have happened. And I feel a lot better about it now. But, bottom line: I felt really embarassed. I guess I'm still capable of all emotions after all.

I guess this means I won't be wearing a costume to the Renaissance Faire tomorrow. Damn. Oh well.


Derek said...

I'm really sorry your experience was so punishing! I really am. I will say, for as long as I've known you B.O. and Left feet were never traits that I ever came in contact with, so much so, that I might be led to believe that someone slipped you some type of halucenagen in one of your celebratory beverages. I will put this theory to test, during our next meeting. Love, Derek

squidhelmet said...

Why should there be shame in not being great at something you are trying to learn to do.

So you get a little sweaty when you have to be brave!

Don't let some intermediate salsa snob make you feel out of place! Fuck em!