Japantown Future

I'm trying hard not to get discouraged about my apartment search, but it hurts when I drive four hours to attend an open house, and the real estate people never show up. Oh, well. At least I made some friends; other angry potential renters included a really hot guy and a super butch gal with a great pair of glasses. I left that building to them and drove across town to try and make it to a different open house. It was over, but some guy let me inside the building, and I fell in love. With the building, not the guy. I am now desperate to live in this building. I don't know why. Maybe it's the multiple "Senior Xing" signs around the neighborhood, or its proximity to all the finest sushi my little heart desires, but I need to live in Japantown.


Crystal said...

so many mentions of so many guys! I hope you get to live where your little heart desires. Watch out for those xing seniors!

squidhelmet said...

I always liked to think that this building was like the space ship left behind by the first aliens to make contact with man in Men In Black.

Do you think they walk among us?

Alien xing.