Look, Ma, I got published!

Yet another plug for dear Katherine's new magazine, 400 words! I just got my copies in the mail; they're teeny tiny and super awesome!

If you'd like to order your very own copy, featuring many fascinating 400-word autobiographies (including that of yours truly!), check out the 400 words store at www.400words.com

It's great to see an interesting project come together so well, and then have the cute little finished product in my hot little hands. Congratulations, Katherine!


Derek said...

Ooh la la! How exciting! I can't wait to read.

Crystal said...

Polly, you look so studious! I must get one to read.

ted d. said...

That's so exciting! I didn't know that this was in your life...

the 400 word premise makes me think about how c2001 I was practicing summing up my life for the high school reunion lauren was trying to drag me to... basically it ended up something like the following (this was 2001, before I had graduated, etc)... I will recount it elsewhere sometime.

i am rocking to deacon blues remembering the fine beach times.

Derek said...

"Learn to write the Poetry,
I Write just what I feel,
Drink Dr. Pepper ALL night long,
And Live for non-ennui"
-Conway's Blues
(to be sung to the tune of Deacon Blues)

Crystal said...

Polly, just read your bio. I loved it because I learned a lot of new things about you, even though I already know you, and it wasn't boring and self serving. Genius! Keep it up doll.
And Derek, love the song.

Tara said...

POLLY!!!!! Although I read your entry online. Having the "real thing" in my hot little hands is a must. I bought 3. One to save and get autographed of course! One to share with those you know and love you (and those who lack that pleasure). And a third to give as a gift, to our Dear Old Dan, whose birthday is this Friday! He just might shed a tear like he did the day he heard us sing "Happy Birthday" a cappella. And please visit my blog...thedeliriumsanction.blogspot.com