Tribute to Helen, a Living Legend

Tonight I offer a tribute to Helen, the most amazing landlady to walk this earth, as she leaves her home of nearly 20 years and moves to Lake Tahoe. Not to retire, of course. The never-tiring Helen doesn't know the meaning of the word rest. She'll manage apartments in Cali, but what will happen to the spirit of the Rena Villa? Helen's holiday decorations were known throughout the city; able to create tableaux of Christmas cheer in mere seconds, her boundless energy was astounding. I once came home drunk at three in the morning only to find her sitting on the stairwell, untangling Christmas lights. She gave me a set of avocado green drapes. She forgave me when I accidentally stole a headboard from the laundry room. She appeared immediately when I locked myself out of my own bathroom at 5 AM. Lake Tahoe, you have gained a new landlady, but Portland has lost a goddess.


Derek said...

I think I'm going to cry!

ted d. said...

is there any possibility that meth was involved? I never met her, but managing apartments and running to another state to manage,etc, the decorations, up to let you into your bathroom at 5am, untangling lights at 3am, lead me to believe she may have been smoking Tina.

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