Cutting back

I decided it would be a good idea to leave the house at least once today, so I walked down to this little zine shop in my neighborhood. I overheard a conversation that I will not soon forget. Allow me to share it with you.

Male Employee: Hey, do you want one of these gummi candies?

Female Employee: I don't know. What's in them? (She takes the bag, reads ingredient list.) Um, yeah, I can't have these.

Male Employee: Why not?

Female Employee: They have muscat in them.

Male Employee: What's wrong with that?

Female Employee: That's some kind of little animal, right?

Male Employee: Noooo, muscat, not MUSKRAT! Muscat is a green grape! HA!

Female Employee: Oh. (She does not crack a smile.)

Male Employee: So, do you want one?

Female Employee: No. Too much sugar. I'm trying to cut my sugar. I'm trying to cut back on
a lot of things.

Yeah, no kidding! Her total fun/enjoyment of life intake must be at an all-time-low. Muscat! HA!


ted d. said...

oh my god, that conversation rules the schools!

here a conversation I was witness/vitcim of:

Location: Elevator
Time: 9:12 am

Ted: No, I didn't go, i was feeling sick from some pizza related food poisoning.

CFO of my company: I hope you're feeling better.

Ted: Yeah, i think I'm fine, but no else else got sick so maybe it was an allergy or something.

Office Lady from another floor (and a Total Stranger): Watch out for the cold that is going around that can give you a fever and put you in a coma...

(we step out from the elevator)

..I'm serious, it's killing people!

Derek said...

Well, I don't know about muscrat, but my favorite nutria flavored gummi candy is VERY fattening, and makes me a wee-bit gassy.

margie said...

It's not so much the gas that gets me, it's that damn musky after taste--Oh and it's a real bitch getting that fur out of your teeth! But then again maybe it's just me!