I know it's wrong. The day when I am free from desire is far, far away. But: oh...my...GOD. These are the most powerful shoes I have ever seen. Feast your eyes on them, let them enter your heart. You can't disagree.


Crystal said...

Oh Polly, these are even more amazing than those other shoes you wanted a few weeks ago. And I bet you didn't buy those, so these are a go! Thats what credit cards are for right? And Seychelles is a really great brand, an investment for the future. I swear!

krista said...

I love these shoes!! You must get them!

squidhelmet said...

Polly. I have something to tell you.

Sometimes I come on your blog and I get this funny feeling like you want something from me that I don't have.

You want me to support your addictions.

I know we're friends, Polly. But I won't be your enabler any longer.

Learning to love YOURSELF is the greatest love of all.

The JAMS said...

Ask yo-self. What would the JAMS do?