My life has taken a turn for the awesome. Unexpected, exciting surprises keep popping up. This weekend yielded many. For example: Today I discovered that after drinking like a fish and eating constantly since I moved to SF, I am no fatter than I was when I left.

Secondly, I am meeting many interesting new people. I will say no more.

Nextly, I will be attending the Franz Ferdinand concert in a few weeks.

Most importantly, I am now the proud owner of a George Foreman Grill. Said Grill has been sitting in my parents' garage for many years now, but I think it was only waiting for its true owner to come and claim it. Grilled cheese sandwiches, here I come! Question, though: Can you really cook steaks on those things? I mean, I trust George Foreman implicitly, but seriously.


Derek said...

I don't know about steaks, but Geo. Forman Bacon is the ISH! Seriously!

Crystal said...

1. I tried to cook steaks, they didn't turn out so well. Kinda dry.
2. Do not hold back details on the "people" you are meeting. Cause you know it just makes us girls freak out when anyone does that! Come on Pols, give it up!

sue said...

if you have news, like boy news, you best express yourself. we have all been waiting for this and you can't keep this a secret. so spill it!


some dude said...

One thing I loved about the foreman grill is that I could stuff my hamburger patties with cheese (or sometimes mushrooms) and it'd cook in the middle! Mmm cheese pocket