Bollywood is Back!

Yesterday I thought it would be a nice idea to put on a Bollywood movie in the background while I did some writing and did some chores around the house. I should have known better.

Three hours later, I was curled in a ball on my couch, sobbing. This movie, Kal Ho Na Ho, pulled out all the stops, including a surprise at the end that left me reeling. I highly recommend this film if you've got some time on your hands. This one had all the good stuff and then some; a great love triangle, family strife, secret marriages, arranged marriages, suicide, religious struggles, handicapped children, adoption, and it was set in the fakest-looking New York ever. Genius. Plus, I love, love, love its star, Preity Zinta, who is so easy on the eyes.

There were some problems, such as the classic "nerd girl takes off glasses and immediately becomes sex kitten" transformation. But I don't watch Bollywood movies for subtlety. At one point, Preity tells her chubby best friend, "You'll never find a husband if you don't lose some weight!" Dude! Inappropriate.

But, overall, Kal Ho Na Ho was a real gem. Don't be afraid, people. Take the plunge, and Bollywood will not disappoint you. Unless you hate musicals, dancing, overacting, subtitles, and general cheesiness. Oh, wait. I shouldn't have told you that.


Crystal said...

Yeah, it's back! I am so glad you liked that movie! I also cried like a little baby for about 3 day, I honestly thought the damn thing would never end. I think the death scene is like 2 hours long or something. I also love the not so subtle digs at Lagaan. Kal Ho Na Ho forever!

Derek said...

I love it! Never seen it, but I know I love it!

Jessica Wickens said...

Dude. Polly. Your blog is hilarious. Not that I'm surprised. See you in school.