Dr. Jazz

Back in good old Portland, every Sunday morning as I drove across the bridge to work, I would listen to Dr. Jazz's traditional jazz show on the Mt. Hood Community College radio station. Dr. Jazz was an ancient man with a great knowledge of 20's and 30's jazz, but he was also incredibly cheesy and boring, making terrible jokes and dropping names no one knows anymore. Needless to say, I loved him. I can never listen to this music again without picturing myself parking in front of the Multnomah County Library, awaiting a day filled with candy consumption and surreptitious reading of children's literature.

I miss Dr. Jazz, but I've found a station that plays even better music right here on the interweb. It's not just jazz that I love; in particular, I enjoy Crosby-esque vocalists who sing songs like "He Kissed Her on Her Doorstep Last Night" and "The Bathtub Ran Over Again." Bonuses: Tweeting birds in the background, banjo solos, whistling, call-and-response, female singers who sound like Snow White. Get the picture?

I love the idea that some guy who has an excellent and extremely specific jazz collection can make his own radio station and people like me can listen to it! This is progress.

I just heard a song called "Happiness Pie." Fantastic!

*Addendum: if anyone wants to listen to songs like "Happiness Pie," here is the link. http://www.dismuke.org/radio/


squidhelmet said...

I think you might have left an important piece of information out of this blog.

squidhelmet said...

Thanks for the update! Polly is a woman of the people!

BIG PS- To Polly and ALL of her readers. If you have not treated yourself to the 5 delicious episodes of Yacht Rock on Channel101.com I suggest you indulge immediately.

Derek said...

This is My cup of tea!