Computers are MAGIC!

Back in the olden days, way back, even before the interweb, there was a thing called typesetting.

Imagine that you have to find each letter that you type in a giant wooden drawer filled with tiny metal letters, then correctly place it on a little rack, upside down and backwards, then load up a giant printing press with ink, organize some pieces of wood, clamp it all down with a crazy key system, and then print your little heart out, one page at a time.

Kinda makes you want to eat nine Meximelts, or at the very least, print some documents on your convenient home printer. Guess what? It looks almost exactly the same!

Sigh. I'm not bitter. I just spent 10 hours tonight typesetting my final project for my book arts class, and the experience has stolen my soul. But just for a little while.

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Jessica Wickens said...

yeah, that's why i decided to make my book with adobe software. it does look better with letterpress though, so your time was not wasted! see ya manana