So, these things happen...plus, a BABY SEAL!

Okay, so my mom had something really scary and bad happen, but it appears that she will recover and things should be okay. However, it's going to be a weird Christmas, since she might still be in the hospital on Christmas day! And we all know how my mother feels about Christmas. Darn that congestive heart failure.

I shouldn't joke, but this is what my people do to cope. Humor = best defense mechanism ever. I will be taking a lengthy sabbatical in San Luis Obispo to help take care of my mom starting tomorrow.

I wish I could bring this snowy little seal along with me! I would wrap it in a blanket and sneak it into the hospital, like Lucy snuck that wheel of cheese onto the train by pretending it was a swaddled baby.

Come on, you know you remember that episode.


ted d. said...

I wish is could remember that episode, I am afraid I don't know ILL that well.

I'm glad to hear that your sabbatical is on and your moms is recovering.

Miriam said...

I'm sending your mom my best wishes! I'm so sorry that this happened, but I'm glad she's recovering. I know you'll take good care of her!

Anonymous said...

oh miss polly!
i hope your mom is doing much better!
lots of love from portland