Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day, a holiday that always sneaks up on me, and becomes increasingly less scandalous with age. Three years ago, I had a party, fell down and blamed it on a slippery floor and high heels, cried while supervising a nihilistic drunken discussion, made interpersonal "bad choices." Two years ago, I blacked out and lost my cell phone while in a tree with a bunch of dudes. Also earnestly raved about Liza Minnelli. One year ago, I performed in a poorly attended staged reading, then had a few drinks at friends' home.

This year, in an attempt to avoid crowds, we went to Chinatown, where I had two gin and tonics, one beer, and a HUGE amount of shrimp fried rice. It was almost a scandalous amount of SFR, but not quite.


Michelle said...

After her thing on Arrested Development, I feel totally down with raving about Liza.

ted d. said...

me too, Liza that is....

I have never had StP scandal, other holidays sure. I feel that now that you are having a proper StP the field is open for me or someone I know to take the torch (and further?)