Things that have happened since I last wrote here: got a free lunch at Citizen Cake because my professor forgot a meeting with me (we had wine and two desserts!), went to Marcel Dzama opening, had my poems called "terrific," was nearly unable to pay my rent, slept in too late almost every day, started wearing my hair in a weird pompadour, found out that they are planning to make Grey Gardens into a MUSICAL (be still, my beating heart!).


sue said...

you must call me right away and tell me all about the dzama show - nate and i wish we could fly to s.f. and see it! I LOVE MARCEL DZAMA!!!

citizen cake? yum! there is a cupcake boutique here in philly called brown betty - i'll take you there if you come out this way!

ok. now call me!


Derek said...

There's a great new cupcake shop here in Portland called Saint Cupcake, and it is the fucking shit! Polly we have to see this Musical!

ted d. said...

I never knew cupcake shops were going to become a phenomenon.

There is one in the west end of Vancouver called... i forget... The "T-Shirts Plus"/Coffee and Muffin/Orange Julius franchise for the oughts?

The Grey Gardens musical? They interviewed the people involved in it and, bless their hearts, it sounds like the worst thing that has ever entered my life! The story is divided into two main acts with the first being before the movie began, when both Edie's were at the top of their games... the second act is Marble Faun era. And lots of extemporaneous singing in extremely conventional musical format....

Crystal said...

Is anyone aware of the film in early planning stages, centering around the scandal when the Edies were evicted and Jackie O. had to bail them out, with Drew Barrymore attached to star as Little Edie? I am NOT making this up. I read it in Us Weekly (not the most reputable source I know, but they were the first to predict the Nick and Jessica breakup). Sacrilege!

Crystal said...

Yall should check out this site:
if you want some supremely awesome ideas for cupcakes.