Professor Polly?

I haven't mentioned this fun fact: I'm a teacher! Well, a teacher's assistant.

All right, fine. I'm more like a glorified student, but still, I'm getting paid.

It's really fun. It's a new class for CCA, called Performance Workshop, and it's basically teaching undergraduate writing students some fundamentals of physical theater that could help them with their writing in different ways. There's a real professor, so I get to do all the things that the students do, except that I have to set an example for their fresh little minds, so I have to be all enthusiastic and stuff.

It's exciting to see how excited they are by it, and it's been interesting to find that I actually know enough about this kind of work to help them a little tiny bit.

The weird part is how they talk to me like I'm a grown-up who knows stuff, and that makes me act like I'm a grown-up who knows stuff. A girl actually came to me with a problem last week, and I diplomatically dealt with it. What?!


Anonymous said...

when are your office hours? I need to make an appointment for academic advising.

Squidhelmet said...

Polly the Pedagogue!