Current obsessions:

1. Brussels Sprouts. Why do these have a bad rep? They are delicious. Tonight will be my second night eating them as a main course. Last night I made a genius peanut sauce and sauteed b. sprouts, an onion, baby bok choy, and some chard. Tonight I have done a similar thing with red curry, tofu, the leftover chard, bean sprouts, and b. sprouts. I am trying to eat more green foods. Is it obvious?

2. Buster Keaton. On Tuesday I went to the Balboa Theater's 81st birthday party, where they were showing "The Playhouse" and "Sherlock Jr." Many critics and regular people have said that Sherlock Jr. is their favorite movie, and now I know why! It's nearly perfect in construction, has great stunts, and most importantly, it's hilarious. I'm not sure anyone could argue that it isn't funny, and if they can, I will kick their asses one by one.

3. The Superiority of Glass Eyes as Compared to Yarn Eyes. see pic for proof.

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ted d. said...

I don't even want to comment on the glass eye v. yarn eye schism... This has torn too many families and friends apart.

Except I guess I just did. Viva yarn eye!4s