Major complaint.

Fuck. Why can't I just like mealy fruit? I think it would solve a lot of problems.

Like, half the time I buy apples and pears, they're far too mealy for my liking. I guess I'll just have to stick with what I know, which is that I like organic Pink Lady apples, and I just can't branch out. What a snob!

Now I'm going to watch Sunset Boulevard and try to choke down this Trader Joe's Gala apple and this mealy-ass pear. Balls.


Sarah said...

Funny, I had one of those same Trader Joe's apples last week and had exactly the same reaction. I don't even think I managed to choke down half.

Alas, I was spoiled by too many good See Canyon apples growing up.

squdihelmet said...

What does 'mealy' mean? I've read your post a couple of time, and nothing to connect with.