Things that are happening...

I am drinking whiskey with my brother, watching Arrested Development, not working on my thesis, alternating between eating Newman's Own popcorn and an expired Starbucks sandwich, and reveling in the fact that I got five cavities filled yesterday and no longer have to worry about mouth decay. For the time being.

My spring break ends tomorrow. School-wise, I've done next to nothing. Worry-wise, I've done a lot, and personal satisfaction-wise, I've been feeling pretty good. I absolutely love spending time at home with my family. Sometimes I forget that my mom is sick, and it's an adjustment to see her feeling tired or unable to take me shopping (I know, what?!). But I'm also amazed that she's doing so well, considering.

I just applied to get a table at this year's Maker Faire, which means I would sell my goods at a huge event in May. I went last year, and it was, like, the most fun ever, so I totally want to be there this year, and hopefully making some money.

That's about it. It's so green in San Luis Obispo. Sometimes my scary neighborhood in SF is hard to go back to after this. I think I need to work on my garden more. That'll make me feel more at home.

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