It's all happening...

Since so much has gone on recently, I think it's time for another list.

1. Saw the Rentals. Cutest show ever!
2. Saw Squirrel Nut Zippers. Cutest crowd.
3. Saw Os Mutantes. Super cool, but kind of like when I saw David Bowie & other legends; it sort of felt like it was on TV. I blame this on the "concert in the park" setting.
4. Managed to gain 10 pounds.
5. Began working at an extremely pleasant temp job, where, instead of getting berated for improper filling of the drinks cooler, I am allowed to do things like proofread final drafts and send out big checks.
6. My online business is suddenly exploding. It's super exciting.
7. I may be moving to a less dirty part of the Bay Area.
8. I received the call from Stanford finally confirming that I am a viable donor for my mother. Soon we will meet with the surgeon and actually do this thing.
9. Turned 28.
10. Drank out of a fake coconut at the Tonga Room, my new favorite place.
11. Another glorious trip to Joe's of Westlake, with Derek, for whom Joe's of Westlake exists.
12. Am finding my current schedule very satisfying.

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Crystal said...

Wow, Pols! Congrats on your online business and everything else exciting and your new better job and all! Cant wait to see you soon! Kisses