There were problems...

OHHH....I cannot express this week in words, and I had the great idea to post a big nasty picture of a cold sore, but that would be too mean. But I do have one, and it was induced by the events of the past few days. My body copes with stress worse than my brain. Instead I'll present you with this handy grid.

I quit my job last night, after learning that I was expected to do some things that I didn't feel comfortable with. It was really disappointing, as I liked working with the kids, but I was really angry too, which was why I quit with no notice. I guess I had an ethical dilemma on my hands, and after a lot of tears and discussions with trusted colleagues (i.e. my parents), I had to make a choice. A major bummer.

Our move to Oakland was also pretty difficult, but on the upside, the house is SO cute, and I love Piedmont Avenue. Pictures will come soon.


ted d. said...

Hey pols,

I'm glad you left, though it would also have been awesome if you started injecting strange things into the work if the applicant was rude.

I am currently reworking and revising your application for ethical employment, and I will be done with it shortly.

Squidhelmet said...

What did they ask you to do?