Blogging from Disneyland

Well, not really. I just woke up from an epic Disneyland dream, and it was pretty unpleasant, involving both a missing child and being late for my high school graduation. I had so much fun at real Disneyland last year that I'm tempted to plan another trip, but deep down I know that once every two years is more than enough.

Sometimes I think about things from my childhood that have helped form my current aesthetic, and I'm pretty sure that Disneyland is one of them. Not Disney the corporation with all of its recent crappy movies and products, but the place itself. I love the colors and the shiny and the old-fashioned rides, and all the people to look at. Thank god my parents were from LA. Disneyland opened when they were teenagers, and I know my mom had a yearly pass. I also love this Japanese Bambi fabric, which can be found at nuno.

In other news, I did my first craft fair as Pollyannacowgirl! It was really fun, although absolutely freezing. I wore a dress without tights, a sweater, and a little flimsy scarf, which was not enough. It took me hours to warm up once I got home. I also made a good bit of money, which was nice, because I am one broke lady. I got hired last week at a reputable tutoring company, helping little kids with learning disabilities, but they cut my already part-time hours before I even started, so I was forced to become deliciously unemployed once again. Probably for the best, as I am terrified of anyone under the age of 15.

I just feel weird not having a job, but then I remember it hasn't even been two months since I gave my mom the kidney, and then I feel better. She got out of the hospital on Thursday, and is now back living at the temporary apartment. Her hospital stay was very scary, and I'm glad it's over. Now it remains to be seen whether any of my stem cells survived all the medications and treatments she needed to not reject the kidney. It doesn't really matter, though; as long as she starts to get stronger, and gets to go home for Christmas. :)

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