After a harrowing post-Christmas stay in the hospital, my family was left with no definitive answers about my mom's (my) kidney and its future success. It's really weird to hear doctors that have previously been brimming with hypotheses appearing so mystified and inconclusive. I guess it's better to hear "We don't know" than "we do know, and it's bad."

My mom was released last week with the doctors' final words being, "Well, we'll see what happens." I didn't mention it when I first heard the news because I wanted to make sure it was definite, but her numerous post-transplant blood transfusions and general health troubles have knocked all my stem cells out of her body. So we're no longer a success story for the study we've participated in, which is one of the reasons all our doctors have such long faces these days. But it's okay; it just means the transplant has turned into a regular one instead of an extra-fancy.

The good news is that my mom's tests came back looking better this week, which means things are going in the right direction. And my own check-up appointment today lasted about 26 seconds, with me unzipping my fly, showing my scars, claiming no pain, and getting a clean bill of health from the surgeon.

Because my first kidney hasn't been the greatest, I ordered my mom another one off the internet. Now I really am a living saint. I hope it'll do the trick!

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