Instant Fun From London!

I live right down the street from an American Cancer Society resale shop. Generally it's stocked with overpriced John Grisham books and commemorative golf tees, but I like to go in from time to time.

Occasionally they'll have a special window sale where they'll fill a window with certain items (Christmas, etc) and hold them there until the sale day. This week's window was "vintage," and every day I walked by it and ogled the awesome stuff they had compiled. Very expensive, but there was one thing that caught my eye and became a must-have: an unopened paper dress from the sixties!

According to the Victoria and Albert museum, which sounds like a pretty awesome place to visit,

"Paper dresses were a brief but spectacular Sixties sensation. They were cheap and disposable, and their simple 2-D shape was ideal for the bold graphic prints that were so fashionable. Some were produced as free gifts to promote paper products, and though prone to tearing and creasing, they were marketed as 'instant fun from London'."

Some of the ladies at the shop told me about their own experiences with the paper dress. I asked one, "How did it feel?" She said, "Papery." One woman even told me that she knew of a hotel that offered paper bathing suits to those who had forgotten theirs! She said they held up surprisingly well.

I'm not sure whether I'll open the package or not, but I love my new paper dress.

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ted d. said...

Seems like $3.98 in 1965 would have been a lot for a paper dress. The internets tell me that would be $25.00 in 2006 inflation adjusted dollars.

Still worth every penny tho.