This is the new tag I designed for my purses; I'm going to Staples today to find some of that iron-on fabric paper stuff. We'll see how well it works. Once again, I've used the delightful program Picnik to create it; who needs Photoshop?

I'm in San Luis Obispo right now for my spring break. Yes, I've given myself a spring break even though I am unemployed and don't go to school! I'm just that lucky. I went hiking at Montana de Oro yesterday; it was great until we saw a big ol' snake. Once you get spooked on a hike, it's hard to go back to a carefree jaunt; my bro and I tried to go on but ended up turning back a few minutes later.

I've also watched a few movies while making new purses: Wayne's World, which has held up much better over the last 15 years than any of the Austin Powers movies. Dare I say that Dana Carvey was the glue that held the film together?

Next up was Enchanted, which I kind of knew I would love. It did not disappoint! Amy Adams is the cutest woman on earth (besides me, of course) and Disney actually made something with a heart. I think the last Disney movie I liked was The Emperor's New Groove, a lesser but quite charming little movie. Dare I say that David Spade was the last great Disney hero? Booyah!

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ted d. said...

Fact I, too, have encountered a snake or two in California hikes, and yes, it does change the mood of the hike... Not so much as when I was hiking along in the redwoods and terrified of being torn apart by a bear, but scared all the same.

that is the second Wayne's World reference I've been around recently, I'm pretty sure that means I need to watch it.