Have I ever mentioned my refrigerator problems? The freezer can freeze ice, but not ice cream. The refrigerator, however, freezes everything on the top shelf, including a jar of pickles.

While I do love drinking slushy beer and eating pickle popsicles (pic-sicles?), the great tragedy here is that we cannot enjoy massive consumption of ice cream on a daily basis. Therefore, we are forced to patronize our local ice cream shops.

Most people would assume that famous Fenton's Creamery, a traditional, family-owned ice cream parlor on our block, would be the destination of choice. But their ice cream is either too fluffy or too chock-full of chunks to be consistently enjoyable. I like my ice cream hard as a rock, in the Haagen-Daas style.
So we walk around the corner to Tango Gelato, where behind the counter is either the most beautiful woman in the world (the owner), or one of their rotating team of glassy-eyed teens. Their cinnamon flavor is my favorite! But I also like green tea, creme brulee, and hazelnut. They even had a Guinness gelato on St. Patrick's Day.

The bottom line is: nothing can stop us from getting the frozen desserts we so richly deserve.


XUE said...

Cute earrings! When i was pregnant, I was so hooked on Haagen Daas' Cookies & Cream!

anna said...

Dear Polly,
Pickle Sickles already exist. And I want one so bad. I have the opposite refrigerator problem; anything I put in the bottom (which is laughably supposed to be the vegetable crisper) gets frozen. Did you eat the Guiness gelato? Ew.

Christopher And Tia said...

nothing can stop us, unless we're allergic to everything :( we have an ice cream maker out in the garage. i think we're going to try to make ice cream out of almond milk this summer. we'll see how that goes. i envy your cinnamon gelato being served to you by beautiful ladies. i really do.

xx tia